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Precision from persuasion

Because we know what you expect from us

In demanding production areas such as ours the need for efficient quality management is self-evident. In our company we place special emphasis on the sophisticated control and continuous monitoring of product quality, process quality and environmental quality. We also ensure continued development at the highest level through cooperation with our external partners.

We live up to our standards – in all areas.

Our quality and environmental management systems comply with ISO EN 9001: 2015 and certified to the Baden-Wuerttemberg ECOfit Standard.
ECOfit certificate  |  Quality management certificate  |  Recycling certificate

Product quality – for precise and reproducible results.
Naturally we apply meticulous control and use modern measurement technology from the construction of the model through to final assembly. We rely on a high-precision optical measuring process for determining the exact surface grain. This ensures that the depth of the grain and pattern is calculated to the smallest detail. Comparative measurements from the wrapping model through to the finished component ensure the consistent quality of the pattern.

Process and environmental quality – handling resources responsibly.
The technical characteristics of electrodeposited nickel and copper are essentially dependent on the deposition parameters such as current density, bath additives, pH and bath temperature. Our laboratory ensures the optimum setting of the various parameters, analyzes in particular the organic bath component and monitors the treatment and minimization of waste water as well as other waste.

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Cooperation for enhanced quality and continuous improvement


We are in regular contact with the partners listed below to ensure and further optimize product quality, process quality and environmental quality:

  • IWM Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials, Freiburg
  • IPA Fraunhofer Institute for production process and automation, Stuttgart
  • OFG – Analytik GmbH Oberflächen – Festkörper – Grenzflächen, Analytik Münster
  • ACL Analytical Chemical Laboratory Environmental, Teningen
  • GIU Industrial Institute for Environmental Analysis, Teningen
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