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Always one step ahead

A trendsetter from the beginning

At GALVANOFORM precision molds have been our guiding principle for over 60 years. We develop and manufacture nickel or nickel-copper tools for plastic moldings in close collaboration with our customers. In doing so we have continuously improved the method and also the quality of our processes. In 1968 this enabled us to undertake pioneering work in the aerospace industry with the first large nickel molds for the autoclave process. GALVANOFORM embarked on slush technology in the mid-1980s. This has since developed into the mainstay of our production. 1992 saw the expansion of our tool construction capacity to supply complete tools, such as for the spray process. One year later saw a license agreement with KTX Corporation in the field of negative vacuum molding, today this process is known as the IMG process – In-Mold Graining. In 2013 GALVANOFORM developed the innovative GalNiFe tool based on a nickel-iron alloy with a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Which process can we optimize in collaboration with you?


Joint product development with our customers

Benefit from our service philosophy

GALVANOFORM is a leading global partner of the plastics processing industry. Due to our high level of professional expertise, many customers call us in to develop components in order to achieve optimal results using electroplating technology. Through intensive collaboration with our customers over the entire development process up to the series production tool, we are particularly well-positioned to integrate customer requests into our work and to comply with them.

That is what we understand by customer-oriented consultation. Take advantage of it.

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The future of molding

Research and development: With CAD and new materials

We never stand still in our quest for new production opportunities to create better moldings. GALVANOFORM operates an in-mold graining test facility to develop new molds and tools. This facility enables the testing of new materials and the production of prototype and initial sample parts.

GALVANOFORM constantly expands your options.


Milestone 1:
Coating of stereolithography parts

GALVANOFORM has developed an improved method for stabilizing stereolithography parts. This enables parts made of different materials to be metalized. The parts can then be used in development vehicles at a very early stage.


Milestone 2:
GalNiFe, our own in-house material

GalNiFe is a nickel-iron alloy developed by GALVANOFORM. Its low coefficient of thermal expansion is particularly suitable for the processing of carbon fiber materials. The GalNiFe tools are usually mounted in steel frame structures. They enable compensation for the effects of spring back.

Weiterentwicklung Laser- und Mikroschweißen

Milestone 3:
Continuous development of laser micro-welding

The classic galvanic process is supplemented by the introduction of welded reinforcements. This allows new degrees of freedom in increasingly complex geometries.


Close to the customer, close to the market

Our values. Our vision.

We have developed into a reliable partner predominantly in the automotive and aircraft industries as an international tool supplier for electroforms. Our success is due to our distinct orientation towards quality and customer satisfaction. Innovative products and professional services ensure our competitiveness. We are aware of our diverse responsibilities to our customers, employees and the environment. That is why we have retained our fundamental beliefs in a management system – and act accordingly.

That’s something you can rely on.


GALVANOFORM customers are assured of our finest work in perfect quality. All of our products and services are orientated towards the highest customer-specific quality standards. We listen to your needs and provide precise, personal advice. We handle your secrets, confidential data and models securely and safely. We achieve this by applying sophisticated security concepts – from IT security to access control.

Our employees are given everything they need to be there for our customers. This includes continuous training and modern means of communication and operating facilities. We look after the health and safety of our employees. Our personnel management is focused on the demographic challenges that we face and place great value in the in-house training of our young men and women of diverse origins to offer as many as possible permanent employment in the company.

We protect our environment, act responsibly with natural resources and recycle our waste. We actively participate in the energy revolution and support the development of renewable energies.

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Electroplating tools in use all over the world

Rely on the perfect combination of high tech and expertise that GALVANOFORM can provide.

GALVANOFORM tools are producing first-class molds with precision surfaces in all of the following countries:
Argentina  |  Australia  |  Belgium  |  Brazil  |  China  |  Denmark  |  Germany  |  England  |  France  |  India  Israel  |  Italy  |  Croatia  |  Malaysia  |  Mexico  |  the Netherlands  |  Austria  |  Romania  |  Russia  |  Sweden  |  Switzerland  |  Spain  |  South Africa  |  Taiwan  |  Thailand  |  Czech Republic  |  Turkey  |   USA  |  UAE