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GALVANOFORM is your premium service partner for electroforms and complete tools

When it comes to your molds, we are the reliable partner at your side. From development to production, we accompany your process work together to ensure success.

We repair your tools:

Also for existing molds of different base materials, for example injection molding tools, we provide laser, micro and engraving works.

Mobile on-site service for all non-transportable molds and components:
High-precision mobile laser welding – your flexible welding solution at your desired location

  • for large tools,
  • where transport costs would be high,
  • for tools that cannot be removed or can only be removed at high cost.

Precision laser welding workshop for all transportable molds and components:
High-precision laser welding in the GALVANOFORM factory in Lahr – fast and cost-optimized. Simply ship your tool to our factory and receive the best results in the shortest possible time.

Our goal is a long-term successful partnership with you. Let’s talk about it.

Service offer mobile laser

Our specialists and service partners are present all over the world.

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Laser welding in all disciplines


Repair welding:

Repair damaged components quickly and at optimum cost in tool and mold making, for example for cutting / bending tools, injection molding, aluminum and die-casting molds, nickel molds.


Deposition welding:

Larger amounts of material can be applied and complex shapes can be built up by laser similar to 3D printing.


Contract welding:

  • For your production orders of sheet metal processing in various sizes depending on the application
  • Precision sheet metal processing, electronics, sensor technology and medical technology
  • Oldtimer restorations for special materials

Precision laser welding

Sophisticated shapes precisely welded

From practice: layer-by-layer applied by laser

[Translate to EN:] Beschädigtes Werkzeug

Before / After

Damaged tool
Layered material application by laser | True-to-form welding minimizes post-processing

[Translate to EN:] Zahnrad mit herausgebrochenen Zacken und kleinen Abnutzungen

Before / After

Gear with broken out teeth and low-level wear
Historic gear made of gray cast iron, 45mm diameter | Spare part no longer available | After laser welding ready for use and capable of full loading

Engravings: Expertise down to the finest detail


Grain corrections in nickel shells and plastic injection molds: Our highly skilled engravers can correct damage on models with textured surfaces.

Engravings: grain pattern

Precision laser welding in all dimensions

Where tenths of a millimeter count

Precise laser welding saves your tools: Small defects in the grain or major damage to the mold can shut down your production. In many cases laser welding offers a more cost-effective and faster solution than the manufacture of new molds and tools.

The GALVANOFORM service team offers precision laser welding in all dimensions: as a mobile service at your premises or in our factory in Lahr:

  • In the highest precision
    For example laser welding of grain in the range of 0.1 to 0.2 millimeters
  • In all dimensions
    For example small gears up to large molds
    Without warping | Without structural alteration

Our emergency service:

  • In Germany and in neighboring countries
  • Available with you in 24 – 48 hours depending on the distance
  • Repair of large molds also in your production plant without removal of the tools

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